Enterprise Resilience

Navigate a Changing and Complex World

To effectively address the complex array of challenges, forward-thinking orgs must embrace a vision that enables them to consistently achieve their objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity. To navigate change with confidence, these organizations require the appropriate and streamlined processes to empower their security and risk teams to have a unified and comprehensive view of their risk and security postures.

Gain Better Visibility

Know where you stand with your risk and security posture and efforts to improve it. This visibility will allow your organization to close gaps more efficiently and effectively. Transparent and trusted real-time reporting will allow you to do business with confidence.

Effectively Prioritize, Assign, and Manage Work

Today’s business climate is more complex and more challenging than ever before. Regulatory findings, vulnerabilities, security incidents, risks, issues and exceptions can become overwhelming. Centralize your work, prioritize it, automate assignment and approvals, and rapidly manage the work to closure. Know what’s wrong and what’s being done to correct it.

Single Pane of Glass for Visibility and Action

Provide a clear view of your organization’s entire risk and security posture across the enterprise to support data driven decision making. Make informed decisions based on reliable data and have confidence that your organization is prepared to tackle unforeseen events.

Issues & Exceptions Management

Increase Trust With Greater Transparency, Accountability and Speed

Go beyond spreadsheets and fire drills and into issues and exceptions management so effective that it builds trust with your organization.

  • Centralized control library
  • Exceptions management with approvals
  • Issues management with clear accountability
  • Centralized issues & risk register

Security Incident Response

Trust That You Can Respond Quickly, Effectively, and Consistently

Go beyond noise and chaos and into signal and coordination with AltGenix Security Incident Response.

  • Playbooks
  • Incident prioritization and assignment
  • Link incidents to assets
  • Standardized post-incident review

Vulnerability Response

Address the Vulnerabilities That Matter Most

Go beyond the standard capabilities of Service Portal and give designated users the power to  create, edit and publish content through a simple, intuitive interface.

  • Scanner integration
  • Vulnerability classification and grouping
  • Link vulnerabilities to assets
  • End-to-end vulnerability remediation

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