Enhance experiences for students, faculty, and staff by connecting your entire institution and driving campus-wide connection through one platform. Streamline administrative tasks and unify HR and back-end processes to increase efficiencies and empower faculty to focus on students. Secure the campus by proactively addressing vulnerabilities and risks both online and offline to keep students and staff safe.

  • Higher Education App
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Native Mobile

Financial Services

Innovate your financial services and provide seamless customer experiences while ensuring compliance. Create world-class experience from your branches to the back office in banking, streamline client-centric processes in wealth management, and improve policyholder and agent satisfaction in insurance. Empower your team, enhance risk protection, and speed up innovation while reducing costs through the implementation of agile security responses, AI, and automation.

  • Southwest Financial Institution
  • Visible and Efficient Back Office
  • Transformation Mapping
  • Enhanced Compliance Competencies
  • Call Center Transformation

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Deliver better outcomes and experiences for patients by rethinking outdated infrastructure, optimizing workflows, and modernizing IT to streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance patient care. By connecting teams, personalizing care, and managing data and compliance, you can transform the business and deliver healthier outcomes.

  • Health Organization
  • Intranet Thermo Fisher HR
  • Merck
  • Issues and Exceptions Management
  • Optimized Workplace Service Delivery
  • Engineering License Manager

Service Providers

Unlock huge growth opportunities and competitive advantages by providing innovative solutions that accelerate digital transformation. Get dedicated managed instances, cloud services, modern asset management, and AI-powered self-service capabilities to boost productivity and improve time to value. Service providers can meet customer demands and comply with data security and governance requirements, while also creating, launching, and scaling new services with ease.

  • Multi-billion Services Provider
  • National Fitness Center


  • Case Management
  • Customer Experience
  • Project Portfolio Management Quick Start
  • Streamline MSP Operations

Telecommunications, Media, and Technology

Telecom, media, and tech companies can differentiate themselves with frictionless digital experiences that increase customer loyalty and reduce costs. To achieve this, shift to proactive, automated communication through digital workflows, identify and fix service issues before customers are aware of them, and empower workforce efficiency through automation. Additionally, simplify and streamline service inquiries by automating processes and offering self-service options, connect systems to improve visibility, bring new products to market quickly using the latest technology, and digitize and automate HR processes to retain talent.

  • Employee Center
  • Vendor Risk Co-implementation
  • Multi-billion Software Company
  • Business Transformation Strategy
  • DevOps Quick Start
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