Benefits of an Extraordinary Platform & Integrations Experience

Streamline Processes with Automation

Automate and orchestrate work with powerful platform and application capabilities that allow you to deliver solutions across the entirety of your business. Create cross-application integrations or define API interfaces for external systems integration using one of the most comprehensive API frameworks in the industry.

Get More Value from Your Data with Integrations

Spokes and Integration Hub can provide a robust ecosystem of capability. With an ever-increasing library of pre-built spokes, the possibilities are nearly endless, and if a new integration is required, we can design and build it.

Ensure Both Security and Efficiency

Unlock even more value using secure integration technology like MID servers. Balancing function, security, and performance is our specialty, so if your current or planned integrations aren’t considering all those aspects, let us design, implement and tune these to support your transformation efforts.

Leverage the Value of the ServiceNow Platform

The ServiceNow platform offers a wealth of capabilities that make application development faster and less expensive than other platforms. This means you are able to deliver more of exactly what the business needs to be successful.


Increase Productivity and Data Consistency Through Automation

Go beyond error-prone manual efforts and into high-value information with AltGenix Integrations.

  • Enforceable role-based access
  • Exception monitoring and auditable logs
  • Documented interfaces
  • Reportable metrics

Platform Technical Debt Management

Boost Your Business With Faster Upgrades and Improved Performance

Go beyond slow upgrade cycles and unexpected side effects and into great agility and performance with AltGenix Platform Technical Debt Management.

  • Improve performance and reduce database size
  • Documented baseline
  • Better adaptability
  • Reduced upgrade time


Take the Stress Out of Your Release Process

Go beyond slow and manual release workflows and into faster time-to-market with AltGenix DevOps Quick Start.

  • eSignatures and flexible approval workflows
  • Agile dashboard
  • Release roadmap
  • Integrations with DevOps tools

Custom Apps

Build Exactly What You Need, Save Money and Reduce Technical Debt

Go beyond solutions that miss the mark and into maximizing the potential of your platform with AltGenix Custom App Development.

  • Solution-specific workflows
  • Tailored user experience
  • Secure, domain specific solutions
  • Leverage platform capabilities

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