Benefits of an Extraordinary CSM

Give Your Employees the Power to Perform

Permanently fix (and even prevent) issues by connecting customer service to the right department and automating processes across internal teams for faster resolution. Gain real-time visibility into the health of customers’ products and services to proactively detect problems and prevent issues entirely.

Enable Self-Service and Automation

Empower your customers on a self-service portal that initiates automated solutions for common requests. Complete requests and get answers in a conversational format with a chatbot, find answers using external knowledge content, and get visibility into real-time data of purchased products and services.

Gather Insights

Enable reporting and dashboards for agents to prioritize work and monitor performance against SLAs driven by customer contracts and entitlements. Provide executives with analytics and trends to inform business decisions on offering costs, areas of growth, and profitability of services.

Resolve Rapidly

Prevent downtime by monitoring the health of customers’ assets to automatically trigger workflows to schedule maintenance, dispatch technicians, and permanently resolve issues with root cause identification and corrective actions.

Case Management

Optimize Resources for Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Go beyond barely meeting your service level agreements and into high customer satisfaction rates with AltGenixCustomer Case Management.

  • End-to-end case management and visibility
  • Streamlined customer onboarding
  • Single pane of glass through effective integrations
  • Advanced work assignment and entitlement management

Customer Experience

Improve Customer Retention While Lowering Costs

Go beyond customer workflows and into customer loyalty with AltGenix Customer Experience.

  • Better omni-channel support
  • Intuitive search
  • Self-service knowledge and catalog
  • Managed access

Streamline MSP Operations

Elevate Customer Experience and Improve Profitability with ServiceNow

Go beyond constrained architecture and poor collaboration and into accelerating value withAltGenix Streamline MSP Operations.

  • Multi-Tenancy/Domain Separation
  • Compliance Enforcement
  • Process Automation
  • Go-to-market Insights

Native Mobile

ServiceNow Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

We are transforming the digital workplace by delivering custom native mobile apps, built on the ServiceNow platform, and tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Your Branding
  • Publicly Available – User Access
  • Cross-Platform – Apple  & Android
  • Push Notifications and In-App Alerts

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